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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Identifying with Jocelyn

My first YA novel released with Noble Young Adult this past June. When I initially wrote the story I had no idea so many people would identify with the heroine the way they have. It was my intention to make her as realistic as possible, but I never could have imagined the response she has generated.

When I decided to write Jocelyn’s Choice,  I knew I wanted to have a conflict but not directly between the two main characters. I wanted to throw a major obstacle in their way. So, a pregnancy was born (pun intended).  Since the release of the book, I’ve had several reviews, e-mails and blog comments telling me how much readers have identified with Jocelyn. She was them at some point in their lives. I had no idea how close to home this book would hit for so many. I was aiming for realism but I didn’t know how close I came until my readers started telling me their own personal stories with teen pregnancy.  I’m flattered over the experiences that are being shared with me. Keep them coming!

As realistic as I wanted the novel to be, I also wanted it to be romantic and sexy. It’s a Young Adult Romance that deals with all the firsts that come with new love. I had such a fun time writing this because in capturing the innocence I needed for Jocelyn, I felt like I was reliving all those high school moments; the first kiss, the first fight, the first time… It was a sweet journey, but it isn’t all roses and tulips. Jocelyn quickly learns there are consequences to her actions and young love can sometimes be complicated. But, I always deliver the HEA!

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